Saturday, March 13, 2010


  • detoxification
  • metabolism
  • slimming
  • enhance immunologic
  • prevent constipation
  • improve skin condition
  • prevent smelly foot
  • cell activation
  • anti aging
  • support blood circulation
  • improve quality of sleep
  • feel energized
  • relieves allergies
  • reduce water retention

* INGREDIENTS: wood vinegar from oak, beech and sakura trees, dextrin, chitosan, tourmaline, pearl powder, glycol and pure silicon.

  1. Mula-mula buka pelekat
  2. Keluarkan paket herba dari plastik
  3. Lekatkan paket herba yg bertulisan hijau ke pelekat
  4. Pastikan bahagian yg berherba menghadap telapak kaki anda
Everyday pastes one time (before sleep pastes it, after gets out of bed) at the same time two feet to paste one piece respectively, persisted everyday uses, the effect is divided 3 stage appearance.
1st stage: The moisture discharges gradually, the body is relaxed, eliminates the distension of the abdomen & the constipation, the sleep quality enhancement (about 24 days).
2nd stage: In vivo agglomeration sleeps the poison, the moisture discharges basically, the immunity enhances, promotion metabolism, the stomach function strenghtens, eliminates the halitosis, the foot is smelly, models the body effect appearance, fall the blood fats, the blood pressure, the blood sugar, the face color spot reduces palely, the kidney function strenghtens, adjusts the human body internal secretion effectively (1-3 month)  

3rd stage: This stage for the effect consolidated time, pastes the piece color to change pale, the human performance restores the normal healthy condition completely, and obtains the enhancement, the vitality, the body and the internal organs has the effective improvement, eliminates the color spot, the dark sore, delays senilly (3-6 month)

* REMARKS: only for external use, the skin allergy, the wound, eczema, macula spot are advisable not use.



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