Monday, March 1, 2010


Inspired by the rare beauty of South Sea black pearls, Cyleina endows your skin a luminous clarity using premium and safe skin enhancing ingredients:

Collagen supports a smooth, radinat, elastic, and well hydrated skin to slow down the wrinkle formation.

Licorice has anti-bacterial and natural lightening complex for clean and fairer skin.

Arbutin gently exfoliates dead skin cells and inhibit melanin production for softer and glowing skin.

Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant which protects the skin against damage with moisturizing complex for healthy supple skin.

Cyleina Black Pearl lightens dark spots caused by sun exposure and pimple scars. (It is effective in lightening dark underarms and inner thighs caused by imbalanced hormones, chemical burns from deodorants), and delays wrinkle formation with its collagen content.

Recommendation: this product performs best when used continually. (recommended for darkened mature skin)

Ingredients: Glycerine, Distilled Water, Myristic Acid, Marine Collagen Peptide, Licorice, Alpha Arbutin, Vitamin E Acetate, Peppermint Essential Oil.

RM 18.00
(45 gram)

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