Saturday, February 27, 2010


Cyleina Organic is a great choice for a more natural approach to your skin care regimen. All of our soaps are lovingly handmade in a traditional cold process way using earth's finest skin-loving natural ingredients. These are good skin care products that makes your skin glowing with health, while being eco friendly at the same time. No toxic ingredients added that can harm you and your environment.

We guarantee that the quality is the best for your skin. This explains why your skin just feels amazing after each use. Cyleina assures you that you always feel that way because CYLEINA IS SKIN CONFIDENCE!.
Cyleina Organic handmade soaps are not tested on animals.
NO parabens, petroleum derived ingredients, animal fats.

CYLEINA SOAP is 100% made with natural ingredients.

Benefits for the UBER WELLNESS BUFF:-
  • Eco friendly and biodegradable
  • clear, smooth & naturally whiter skin!
  • made with premium high grade organic ingredients
  • safe & non toxic
  • doctor approved formulation
  • business opportunities for the serial & aspiring entrepreneur
  • good with skin, friendly on the budget
Sabun Organik Cyleina diperbuat daripada proses pembekuan sabun secara tradisional. Kandungannya bebas daripada paraben, bahan kimia berbahaya serta lemak haiwan. 
Ianya diperbuat daripada tumbuhan dan buah-buahan yang ditanam secara organik, bebas daripada racun serangga berbahaya, pewarna dan bahan kimia sabun.

* belian borong di alu-alukan, minimum borong 20 soap.

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Anonymous said...

how much kalau nk borong 2pcs...interested..plz email

Anonymous said...

how much kalau nk borong 20 pcs...interested..plz email